The Certification Officer for SBE Chapter 85 is

Britt Lockhart (405) 841-0258.

Click here for information on the Certification options available through SBE National.


Chester Grubbs Memorial Certification Fund

Local members of SBE Chapter 85 in good standing may request financial reimbursement for any level of SBE certification.

SBE Chapter 85 will reimburse first time applicants 50% of their certification application fee normally paid by national members in good standing. Upgrades and supplemental certifications will be reimbursed at 25%. Certification applicants can only request financial reimbursement once in any 12 month period. Application can be made with any SBE Chapter 85 officer within 60 days of a successful SBE certification. Proof of certification must be presented at the time of application and must be approved by the current elected officers and the local Certification Chairman.




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Use the SBE Certified Logo on your website, resume, business card or letter head.

SBE Certified Logo Use:

The SBE Certified logo may only be used when including valid SBE Certification designations after your name. Individuals may use the SBE Certified logo on your business card, letterhead, resume or website. Only the official SBE Certified Logo can be used. No Variations or interpretations.