Please welcome SBE Chapter 85 Member, Gayle Scott.

Gayle Scott is affiliated with The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education in Stillwater where she is the Traffic Manager.

Gayle grew up with her dad as the chief engineer in radio and television in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for KSPI, KVRO, and KOSU. She went out with him a few times to the transmitter site, and he let her tag along on a few remotes for the OSU Cowboys football games. She was always intrigued by what he did, little knowing she would one day find herself working in this arena.

Prior to 2000, she was an administrative assistant in Human Resources, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Gayle would drop by the television studio/control room occasionally and visit the guys there. So, they decided if she was going to hang out that they may as well let her in as more of a permanent fixture. So Gayle began working with Educational Technology Resources in January of 2000. As a division, and also in 2000, they were instrumental in planning/developing and implementing the CareerTech Learning Network, a network of online distance education classes utilizing video streaming and sometimes together with some real-time video conferencing. They produce training videos to go along with textbook curriculum that is sold to career and technology education schools and instructors both in-state and out-of-state. In 2004 they began producing a weekly television show, Oklahoma HORIZON, that airs on OETA with subsequent runs on other stations/networks across the state as well as nationally on RFD-TV over DirectTV and Dish Network, the show airs on a travel channel in Europe as well.

Since January of 2000, Gayle has been learning television engineering skills and control room operations from her friend, mentor, and Chief Engineer, Dana Cole. Gayle joined SBE Chapter 85 as a way to gain even more knowledge and updates as well as the networking. Gayle says, "I appreciate being accepted as a member and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you."

Gayle Scott

Gayle Scott